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In her earliest memories Vicki remembers having a pencil in her hand. She was a farmer's daughter growing up in rural USA, in Southern Colorado. With only 3 channels on TV and a lot of extra time on her hands, those hands were busy drawing. By the time she was in second grade her teacher took a notice to her artistic abilities. That singular teacher made a point reaching out to successive teachers to keep them pushing Vicki in her artistic abilities. In high school Vicki was taken under the wing by her art teacher even with limited art classes he found ways to keep her drawing and painting. She won several blue ribbons and art awards in a local collage art show for high school students. She then attended the Colorado Institute of Art where her main areas of study were Fashion Illustration and Graphic Design. Her love for drawing and painting the human body were developed along with her unique artistic style.Her career began in advertising. She started at the bottom and worked her way to becoming an art director. At night she attended a fashion merchandising academy where she learned marketing and business skills. She started an advertising agency at the age of 28 along with a fellow graphic designer. They were located in Old Town Scottsdale where she found herself surrounded by art galleries. Her eyes and mind awoke to the possibilities which birthed her art you see today.Vicki decided to step away from her agency and to try her hand at freelance. She kept busy doing graphics, commission paintings, decorative painting and eventually she found her way to the film industry and found that the storytelling in film through art appealed to her artistic process. She loved being on set and did anything and everything art [...]

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