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VICKI J. MORRIS is a former educator who developed a passion for painting abstract art after having concluded a successful teaching career. Using vivid colors and interesting shapes, she creates tapestries of understated elegance and intrigue. Her paintings are interpretations of personal and intricate tales, with ever-changing perspective.The artist has written an "INTENTION" for each unique piece, with a personal message directed to the recipient of that specific creation.
"As an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher for many years, I encouraged my students and graduate-level Student Teachers to explore and expand intricacies of their personal boundaries through the literal, figurative and rhythmic changes of shape or form.  
Whether it be from tracing cloud formations in the sky with one's fingers, or creating picture shapes out of concrete written words, imaginary, boundary-free images were created to bring a new perspective to wonder-filled eyes.
In my personal life, I look for metaphors which translate to layers of discovery of wonderful surprises.  I am delighted when I see spontaneous themes evolve within my paintings, which suddenly have obvious meaning.  As the vantage point of each piece is shifted, even more tapestry layers are revealed.  Thus, the abstract art is always a 'story teller.'  
Preferring to surround myself with a colorful, vibrant environment, I am stimulated and inspired to have an optimistic attitude about life, which extends through my art work.  
My wish is that my own joyful, 'colorful' philosophy contagiously translates through my paintings to those who are attracted to them.  Creating abstract or impressionistic art is the perfect template for allowing one's mind to wander ... and wonder."

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