Artist Vianna Szabo

An example of fine art by Vianna Szabo

Photo of Vianna Szabo

The Artist Says:

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Dealers Say:

"Each of Szabo's portraits captures nuances of particular personalities in casual settings and postures. These are informal, affectionate, intimate and unpretentious portraits."
....Christopher Young, Flint Daily Journal

Other Artists Say:

"Studies with Vianna have taught me how to paint far more than just the subject.  Ive gathered a better understanding of light temperature, color harmony, and lines/edges.  Shes taught me approaches and techniques that simplify and improve my process.  Based on her principles of building a successful painting, I now find myself making immediate decisions that work, instead of laboring and reworking passages like in the past.
Kimberly Kelly Santini

 Kim Santini is a talented artist who specializes in pet portraiture. You can see more of her work at: www.turtledovedesigns.com