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Capturing the light accurately is most important for me when I paint.  Although I  enjoy drawing, when painting I prefer to use the colors to define the objects whether in a landscape or in a still life.


  I was introduced to painting at an early age; my father would let me tag along when he was painting "en plein air" in the countryside of Normandy in France where I was born.  It was a serious hobby for him, and even as a child I could sense how intense he became once he picked up his paintbrushes.  I studied drawing and painting while in school, and continued to draw and paint throughout the years. My formal art education took place as an adult when I obtained a BA in Studio Art from the College of Charleston in SC in 1976 with emphasis on drawing and sculpture. I studied with  William Halsey and John Michel, and both of them emphasized the process of creating art and the importance of taking chances. I worked  mostly in abstracts at that time, and it gave me the opportunity to experiment with colors and compositions.  My work was on display in local galleries in Charleston SC in the 1980's  including the 1980 Spoleto Invitational Show at the Gibbes Art Museum. In the mid 1980's I obtained a Master's in Clinical Counseling at the Citadel, and worked as a psychotherapist for fifteen years.  I continued to paint during that time and my goal was to return to painting full-time which I was  able to do in 2002.
 I enjoy the feeling that comes when I am totally absorbed in painting,  my focus is not only to capture colors and light accurately, but also to show the energy that goes into the process of painting. 
Plein air painting has become my favorite  When I travel, I paint exclusively on location and I love it! I also make many sketches to use as reference  when I get back to the studio. I went through a period when I used acrylics exclusively, but now, due to my love of painting [...]

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