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I was the kid that LOVED color and LOVED to be outdoors, so I was especially intrigued by nature’s color.  It was endlessly fascinating that the earth contained so many colors.  Why were the leaf colors of trees unique to each species of tree?  Why did a tree leaf in direct sunlight appear to be a different green than a leaf on the shaded side of the same tree, which was different from a leaf color in deep shadow? When these leafs were removed from the tree and laid side by side, they all looked the same!  Endless observations and questions about the color, sunlight and shadow!
In my small, country schools in rural Oklahoma, there was no art education offered.  It wasn’t until I attended college that I had my first opportunity to study art.  Even though I chose a career path in my other passion of engineering, I ALWAYS made sure that I was able to take one art class per semester.  After college, I took some art classes and workshops when I could fit them into my very busy work schedule, but didn’t really make much progress because of the long gaps between short bursts of art. 
After a richly diverse engineering career, it started to get a little monotonous.  When I reached an early retirement opportunity, I took the plunge and immersed myself in learning to paint.  I’ve taken 2-4 art workshops per year with some of my artist heros, master artists like:  Carolyn Anderson, Daniel E. Greene, Albert Handell, Morgan Samuel Price, and Sally Strand.  Each of these artists is an excellent instructor as well as fabulous artist.  I’ve enjoyed studying with each of these artists with their unique artistic perspectives.
So, where am I now?  I’m the BIG kid who is still in love with color and [...]

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