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Vaughn Tucker born on February 2 nd , 1973 in St. Ann, Jamaica, is the third of six children born to his mother. He had an artistic nature more eloquent than most curious children.At the tender age of 12 he began his artistic career by drawing images from local magazines and papers. In the last of his teen years he was piqued to expand his artistic interest by an oil paint set gift from his aunt; this motivated his rapture for oil painting.Early 2004 Vaughn migrated to the United States where he was able to focus on honing his skills and channeling his passion for nature into art. With no formal instruction Vaughn refined his talent to the point of versatility in oil paint, watercolor, and acrylic.With many awards and exhibitions under his belt, Vaughn is humbled by the existence of exotic alcoves created by nature conspicuously and seldom appreciated, and thanks God for the gift of art and the motivational forces of nature. He wallows in the homey and clandestine feeling of tropical aura, and has yet to resist the impulse to paint his interactions with nature. 
Artist Statement“The Hills are Alive”The play on colors and styles that I experiment with, allows my expression of freedom and joy. My art is not dead, but alive with peace and love. I focus on relationships and community because we thrive when we relate to each other in the right way. 

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