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My art explores various aspects of human identity and connectivity, seeking to create a dialogue between the mindful and autopilot modes of living. 
Growing up in India, art was my reward for good grades.  I aced school to keep my privilege of painting.  For my recreation, I copied paintings of Norman Rockwell, Sargent and reputed Indian artists that were published in magazines.   I immigrated to the United States, graduated and worked in Molecular Biology and  painted  part time.  I gradually shifted into Software Management and painted part time.   I moved to Corning, joined as a Software Engineer and painted part time with Thomas Buechner’s Friday evening Portrait Painting Pals group.   Do you see a pattern here?  Well, I didn’t, till one day, I was referencing my rather extensive home library for help with a problem at work.  As I scored through rows and rows of art books it struck to me that maybe, just maybe, my calling was to be an artist.  Practical by nature, I dismissed my new found revelation as a whim.  However, the emotional war between the joy of my painting and the lucrative finances and social status that my successful job provided had started.   I decided to paint one small painting a day for a couple of months and was sure I would get bored of it.  Three months of 18 hour  work days still left me wanting to paint.  I caved in and took a temporary break from work which is now permanent.  
Art to me is as essential as breathing.  Color, texture and play of light excite me.  Largely self-taught, I supplement my strong work ethics with regular doses of workshops from artists whose work I respect. 

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