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  • Price Range: $110.00 - $22,000.00
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It’s 6am, coffee in hand, I fire up my Mac and start to paint, I realize I’m in love with my life.  Pictured above is me at 15 and me currently. I have always been an artist.  Vision and PurposeTo illuminate the spirit through my art and attitude. I live in the Sierras between Sacramento and Tahoe with my husband, Chuck and our 2 golden retrievers, on 5 beautiful mountain top acres. I have been inspired to draw, study and paint all of my life with the never ending focus on the play of light on living creatures, whether they be trees, rocks, or breathing beings.I was asked once why I paint by a well known plein air painter. I told him quickly, “It’s me, it’s what I do” Well, later that same day as I headed out to paint, I realized that when I paint I get to become very intimate with my subject. I see it for what it really is. Light, color, radiance, energy and a reflection of it`s surroundings. I’m brought to tears every time. That’s why I paint. To share that. To show that. To live that.Style & MethodI choose to live as an oil painter. I have always used oils and find they lend themselves to the luminosity and depth I NEED to show in my work. Living creatures are so full of bounced light, it is a never ending challenge to put that in my paintings. My style is basically realistic though I love a juicy plein air now and then.My quest is to show my subjects in a way that causes to viewer to stop and take notice. To appreciate the power, gentleness, whatever that is unique to that animal or person or location. I’ve been told that my work has a certain [...]

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