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My earliest memories of my artistic interest are when I used to watch my dad sculpting miniature racing cars and boats that he later gave to the sick children he treated as patients. I was mesmerized by his talent. He was able to create the most beautiful things out of nothing. He could make a rough bare piece of wood come to life. I longed to know the secret of his artistic talent! I also remember when I got my first box of oil paints from my parents. I was 9 years old and was very intimidated by it.  I had no clue what I was doing. I remember how smelly and messy it was, especially when I had to clean the brushes!
I studied art in Paris at the Salle Pleyel . Mostly, however, I was self-taught using magazines, books, videos, and on-line classes. I consider myself a perennial student, as I am always learning.
I grew up in the Loire Valley where the light is very soft. This same light inspired the famous Impressionists. I have been strongly inspired and influenced by the Impressionists.  I love their loose soft brushstrokes with no hard edges, and their understanding of light.
My studio is very basic; I paint in my kitchen because it is most convenient, and the light is perfect there. I need to be close to a sink and my coffee machine!
My surrounding landscape have influenced my paintings.  My choice of subjects have always been conditioned by my environment. On the Mediterranean coast the sea captivates me. I love to explore new places and new cultures. Painting is a way to express and educate myself.  When I paint a boat I have to break it down into parts to understand what it is made of, and it is fascinating how much I learn by [...]

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