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A native of County Cork, Ireland Valerie O'Sullivan  has been creating art from a  very young age putting  together her first series while still in primary school!  Valerie went on to study Art Craft, Design and Technology at St. John's College where she received a qualification in Art  Craft, Design and Technology. Valerie has also completed a course in Tourism and Heritage, covering subjects including Irish History and Culture, Archaeology and Art History.
Nature is the main inspiration in Valerie's work. Driven by a desire to protect the environment Valerie has introduced materials into her art practice that may have otherwise gone to landfill or ended up in the ocean.
"I invite  the viewer to question the materials used with the hope of highlighting the very great need to protect our environment "
Valerie works by creating sketches and notes while out, mostly with charcoal and often she collects materials  from a location to use in her work, including plastic and even stones from the shoreline. Valerie also takes video of the area as a reminder of the sounds and energy of the day. 
" For me art is about seeing and feeling ".

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