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"Ecorche Self Portrait"  ©2008 Valerie L. Winslow 

Valerie L. Winslow is a multi-disciplinary figurative fine artist whose work has been exhibited in museums and galleries nationwide since the mid-seventies. Her paintings and drawings are in many private collections and she has won numerous awards.  Museums which have exhibited Winslow's work in various group exhibitions include the  Palm Springs Desert Art Museum, Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, San Diego Museum of Art, Sonoma Valley Museum of Art (SVMA), San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, and Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum in Santa Barbara, CA.
The paintings of Valerie L. Winslow resonate with warmth from her radiant palette of deep olive greens, creamy terra-cottas, and incandescent yellows, which create a luminosity within her forms reminiscent of early Italian Renaissance art. Her compositions often contain flat areas of color influenced by the Ukiyo-e Japanese prints of the late 18th century.  Winslow's painting style is described as "Introspective  Realism" due to the pensive quality of her work and she purposely downplays her anatomical knowledge to keep the overall forms simplistic. Working in oil, she skillfully applies layers of wet and dry glazes to her canvases, building a combination of rich translucent colors and opaque, chalky textures in her compositions. Structural components, such as curving archways and vertical alignments counterbalance the organic forms of the figures and drapery.  Simultaneously, her unique vision suggests multiple levels of meaning through her compelling, thought provoking narrative themes. Tarot cards, letters, mirrors and mannequins serve as symbolic artifacts and infuse her work with narrative overtones of personal anecdote and social commentary. The painted figures appear as if suspended in contemplation, yet within the frame, deeper subjective layers reveal an undercurrent of tension that emerges from the illusive sense of tranquility. The contrast [...]

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