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Valee is an artist who is passionate about painting, creating glasswork and having fun doing it! She loves exploring the interplay of color and light.  Valee's paintings feature florals, landscapes, animals, still life subjects and interiors.
Valee grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, and from a young age, she was always fascinated with light and color.  She enjoyed working with her hands and loved doing anything experimental and creative, especially those activities involving color. Growing up, she was influenced by her very Southern parent’s love of gardening and interior design.  Her mother had a wonderful eye for putting beautiful things together and this helped Valee learn about color and design. Valee's grandfather started the first menswear clothing manufacturing business in the South, and participation in this family owned clothing business fostered a special appreciation of beauty, color ant design.
Valee holds a B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a specialty in surface design from Georgia State University. She holds an M.B.A. from GSU as well and has spent 20 years in sales and marketing while continuing to explore various forms of creative expression. Beyond painting, Valee has also designed and made fabrics and stained glass pieces. The latter sparked a fascination of working with color and light that is the hallmark of her work. Today in addition to her painting, she works with fused glass. She is also the author of a book featuring her watercolor paintings, that tell the story of 2 cats from Outer Space who come to visit Planet Earth.
 "Indy and Spot Come to Earth"
...it's a semi-true story!
Valee lives in Atlanta with her husband and 6 very spoiled cats. She continues to study watercolor, oil painting and glass work with artists of local and national prominence. 


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