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I have been painting for many years, the seeds being sown when I was a child and my Grandmother took me to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where I was able to view so many incredible works of art at a very young age, which had a huge influence on me.   
I have a degree in art, but unfortunately when I went to university, traditional painting methods were not taught, and I was left to my own devices to acquire knowledge and skill in the realm of painting.
Studio painting and Plein Air painting are both challenging and enjoyable as well. I am a firm believer that to be a competent artist, one must learn as many facets of painting and drawing as possible.
Oils are my media of choice--I cannot resist the way they blend, and the richness they impart to a painting.  A favorite aspect of using these amazing paints is the infinite mixture of colors which can be achieved.
I am a member of various prestigious art groups and associations, and have won several awards for my paintings.
I feel truly fortunate that I have Art in my life, and that I am able to spend my days working at something I love so much.


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