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ART and DESIGN - they have charmed me for as long as I can remember!
A box of colored pencils got me started quite some time ago and it eventually led to fine porcelain painting (in the French tradition) and oil painting. But I also liked to build things, manipulate 3-D shapes and work with paper doing geometric forms. These interests evolved into a full-time career in commercial interior design while all along I was dreaming of finding just a little more time for painting.
I'm fascinated by colors, shadows, lines and visual impressions.  Creating a painting responds to all of these interests:  nature's colors are infinite, the sun's position keeps changing shadows and hues, lines are near or distant, sharp or blurred, and bringing to the canvas an impressionistic representation of what I see is my great adventure.  In the studio, where the environment is more controlled, painting still lifes allows me to again experiment with color, shape and layout. 
Over the years, I've had wonderful teachers to help me along on my artistic path. For a short while, I was fortunate enough to study with a great teacher, Sergei Bongart, a master of Russian Impressionism. 
My paintings are an emotional response to what I see and I'm thrilled to be able to share these visual discoveries with my viewers and patrons.
Art Education:
Bachelor of Fine Arts, California State University, Long Beach
Sergei Bongart School of Fine Art, Santa Monica
Guido Frick Workshop, Grand Junction, Colorado
Greg LaRock Workshop, Newport Beach
Kathie Odom Virtual Workshop, Knoxville TN
Member: Southern California Plein Air Painters Association
                  Laguna Plein Air Painters Association

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