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  • FASO Artist Website: http://[email protected]

  • Year Born: 1957

  • Artist educated in Europe and the US.

  • The paintings reflect impressions from her travels.

  • She paints landscapes in oils and acrylics, flowers in watercolor, and animals or architectural details in soft pastels.

  • Price Range: $350.00 - $3,500.00

The Artist Says:

There is so much beauty around us. My paintings capture this beauty and turn these amazing objects, landscapes, and animals into artwork that makes you feel happy, or relaxed, or makes you wonder, and maybe makes your mind travel. Things that make us happy enable us to cope better with not so positive matters.  


Ulrike Opitz is a European-American artist, who paints the world around us, as she is inspired by it.
Born and raised in Austria she grew up hiking and skiing in the Alps. As her parents did not think people could make a living as artists, she holds a Master of Philosophy in English and German languages and Education. From childhood on she loved to draw - her favorite subjects being donkeys pulling carts, even though she was a city kid and had never seen a real donkey pulling a cart before. In 9th grade, Opitz discovered her love for painting with the help of a great art class teacher and started to illustrate stories. During her university years she met her future husband in a singing fraternity. After graduating from University, they got married and moved to Germany, where she furthered her artistic skills with watercolor classes while teaching. The couple welcomed three kids into this world, and soon the kids loved to join her and draw or paint, being allowed to use mom’s colors.
Traveling has always been a favorite activity for the whole family. Even when their three children were little, they took them along wherever they went - on vacation in Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, France, Monaco, and of course a lot of travel within Germany. In these places you encounter art along every step and unwind from all that beauty on the beaches, yet another kind of beauty. Occasionally the kids would get tired of mom’s “look at this” and the inevitable explanations. Thus time was equally spent wandering through churches as it was swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Opitz has always worked with landscapes as her main subject. Loving the calm power they portray. Her early paintings show the more quiet beauty of northern landscapes contrasted by the [...]

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