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b. 1986
I was born in a small town in USSR on the border with Lithuania and grew up in Russia in the 90s until moving to NYC at 20. I live and work in Brooklyn, NY and daydream about a house in the nature near the cliffs.
My work concentrates not so much on narration but it is rather an attempt at looking at ordinary subjects from an uncustomary point of view. The process is much reminiscent of a collage of things imagined, real life and references to try and evoke a particular kind of emotion in the viewer. It is something that’s hard to explain, more alike scent. How do you explain scent? Unless you are an amazing writer which I’m not even trying to pretend to be, it is impossible to explain the complexities and subtleties of certain situations with words and that’s where the visual language of painting comes in. The action of painting is rather a liberating act if you allow it to be so. Anything is possible.

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