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Ugo was born and raised in a small town in the Lucania region located in southern Italy. He traveled all over Europe and than immigrated to the United States many years ago where he meet his wife. Along with his beautiful children he now  reside in the Kansas City area.
In his eyes he has always been an artist.
He started in Elementary school ; "my pencil and note book were my best buddies" . He discovered that the more  he was drawing, the more he was gaining the ability to observe life in its details. Hence the desire to discover more. His curiosity was into admiring old keys, sunsets, night lights and so forth. He had questions like how does the sky have so many colors? Why is it that people seem to be so mad around here where this is such a beautiful place? As a child he was just admiring life for what it was - simple and beautiful and sometimes so complex.
He re-discovered  his passion for art in 2011 after taking a break for many years.  Ugo's  does  a lot of sketches any time he can. His selected medium of choice is soft pastel and charcoal even though he often use watercolor or acrylic ink as the underpainting. 
Ugo does not  have a formal art school education. Everything he does is self taught even though he has been influenced and admires Master artist such as Robert Henri, Everett Raymond Kinstler, Rembrandt, John Singer Sargent,  and contemporary artist like Doug Dawson, Dawn Emerson and  Kari Tirrel to mention few. Ugo's first policy as an artist is that he will never end to learn. Every project  is a challenge and he loves to challenge himself  into new projects.
Mid America Pastel Society 2020 National Exhibition - September 2020
Central Mass Pastel Exhibition  -  (Marks [...]

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