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Tuvik's pure form of art is a reflection of his life in Israel. The constant struggle, the hope and the sorrow are mirrored in his paintings. Tuvik expresses his deepest feelings on canvas - a story of war, survival and connection to the land. His impressions are that of a child of parents that fled Nazi Europe and immigrated to Israel with nothing, a first generation  "Sabra", a soldier, a husband, a father and a grandfather all translate to shapes and colors formed on canvas. 
Tuvik Bachur was born in Kibbutz Nachshonim on the day of the UN's declaration recognzing the State of Israel. His parents, Shmulik and Berta Bachur, escaped from Nazi Europe, where they faced death and torture. They met on a ship destined for what at the time was British controlled "Palestine". Tuvik's parents were pioneers, helping to build Israel with their bare hands. Tuvik was their first born son, and his childhood reflected the life of a young Israeli struggling to help establish his country. His parents built their family home in Ramat Hasharon, at the time a small village on the sand dunes of the coast of Israel, today a prospering city north of Tel-Aviv.
Tuvik joined the Israeli Defense Force shortly before the Six Day War broke. Just seventeen, and after three months of boot camp, he was sent into battle, assigned north in Ramat Hagolan to engage the Syrian army attacking Israelis communities. Tuvik lost commanders and friends in battle and witnessed violence and death that will remain with him forever. Six years later, recently married and celebrating the Jewish holiday with his family, Tuvik was called to service again, this time to defend Israel during the Yom Kippur War. This time, he was sent south to fight against the Egyptian army. He served for a year, away from his new wife and too close to death and suffering all over again.
When he returned from war, [...]

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