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Tucker Bailey’s sculptures and paintings are strongly influenced by her life experiences. She was born in northern Minnesota and spent her early years along the ruggedly beautiful shores of Lake Superior. It was there she developed a deep love of nature and animals. She also became an equestrian at an early age and horses continue to be a large part of her life at her home in the Peidmont area of North Carolina. .
“From the first time I saw bronze sculpture as a young girl, at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, I’ve been totally captivated by the reality of three dimensional sculptures. It became my goal to one day create bronze sculpture. Sculpture is a medium that changes with a changing point of view. The surface of bronze has a reflective quality and the angle of light dramatically changes perception. In my work, I try to bring more to my sculptures than just surface anatomy. I think of the work I do as a portrait of each animal. I try to bring out its personality – making the space at once internal and external.”
Tucker had her first bronze cast in 1989, and became so fascinated by the process that she took a job working at the foundry. For two years she studied and learned the art of casting a bronze from the mold-making to the application of the patina. “What a wonderful hands-on learning experience to have worked at a foundry. I continue to do my own molds and carefully hand-finish each wax before casting. I am also involved in the finishing touches of the metal, including the patina application.”
She has devoted her life to the study of animals and art, and has studied with sculptor John Paul Harris and painters such as Sally Strand, Heiner Hertling, Valerie Hinz, and Guan [...]

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