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Tsveti Sowers' paintings capture the basics of daily life and create timeless classics. Using oil as her preferred medium, Tsveti likes to paint Landscapes (Plein Air), Portraits, and Still Lifes, and she excels at capturing natural light in its element. She refers to her style as contemporary impressionism.
Tsveti Sowers was raised in Silistra, Bulgaria, a small town on the Danube River just west of the Black Sea. A town rich in history, Silistra is surrounded by ancient ruins and beautiful countryside. These visual memories have nurtured the Plein Air artist Tsveti has become.
Like many European countries, Bulgaria has a rich cultural heritage, and its citizenry maintains its ties to the past, as the arts music, poetry, language, etc. are integral to the educational system.
As a child Tsveti remembers being keenly observant as to how sunlight would wrap around everything. Spending her childhood in the countryside allowed Tsveti’s mind to wonder, observe, and dream. A determined young artist, she filled paper with drawings and paint. Tsveti’s passion was creating art.
Tsveti received her degree in art education from the University of Angel Kanchev in Silistra, Bulgaria. Once Tsveti began studying art history she realized that the style that resonated most with her was Impressionism. Specifically, her desire was to be able to capture those fleeting moments in which light falls on an object, before it is gone forever. In addition to studying at the University, Tsveti had the privilege of studying art with classically trained artist Jordan Kolev.
Tsveti came to America after meeting her husband while he was teaching in Bulgaria. They moved to America in 2006. The US presented a new adventure and a challenge for Tsveti. Early on, she spent her time volunteering at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art, and that experience just furthered her desire to become a great [...]

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