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In a world where it seems anything can be considered art, I’m proud to be a representational painter.  I paint from life and love the tradition of old master painting and value the skills that are required. Though I paint what I observe, I sometimes work loosely and omit details that don't move the story. My work is rich, classic and radiant and will bring joy, serenity and freshness to your home. 
Allow me to start at the beginning…
I’m originally from Belgium (yes, I speak French) and now live in picturesque, leafy Ridgefield, Connecticut.I’ve always loved to draw and paint, but unfortunately, was encouraged to be more practical. I went to Northwestern University for a B.S in Psychology. Not knowing what on earth to do with my degree, I became a writer, drifted into P.R. and ultimately ran my own public relations and marketing company. You can ask me anything about skincare, hair color and tech startups. It’s funny how your true self bangs on the walls, trying to get your attention. I developed crushing tension headaches, sometimes two or three times a week. I was so stressed out I didn’t realize I wasn’t fulfilled by my work. By chance, someone suggested a painting class to relax. The first time I climbed the old, rickety stairs at the Palette and Chisel Academy in Chicago, I was hooked. I loved re-learning how to mix paint and to solve the visual problems in front of me. Wouldn’t you know it, the headaches gradually diminished. When I moved to NYC a few years later I was lucky to study with Gregg Kreutz at the Art Students League. I would have loved to take classes there uninterrupted, but making a living was important too.  I longed for the day I could just paint full-time. That day [...]

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