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"My life is filled with beauty because I take the time to really notice the world around me. From the complexity of nature to the simplicity of man-made objects, I am intrigued by the colors and textures that I encounter. Through my art, I try to share interesting compositions, complex reflections, colors, and light as I see it to evoke the same sense of wonder in the viewer." - Trisha Selgrath
Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas
Major: Visual Communications
My first ten years after college were spent growing through the creative departments of advertising agencies where I climbed the ranks from a production artist to an art director and finally, to creative director.  Then, wanting more flexibility to raise a family, I spent the next fifteen years, owning and designing for my decorative arts company which specializes in printed murals and motivational art.  Now, I'm building my fine art collections through lots of work and experimentation crafting what I would like to express as a fine artist.

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