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If there is a particular reaction to traveling to exotic places, it must be the traveler’s desire to bring it home.  And share it.  A love for diverse cultures, philosophies and wildlife was the genesis of Trenna Daniell’s first foray into art.  From her trips to some of the most exotic places of the world, she as brought a little of those exotic places and creatures back with her.  Whether it be capturing the tropics in Hawaii or the South Seas or heartfelt renderings of the endangered species she encountered on Safari in Africa.
Trenna began her journey into art in high school and college in the Pacific Northwest.  She continually won awards for her involvement in the arts, which often led to painting giant murals and backdrops for the school plays.  She won awards for the Art and Music programs at Mt Hood College. From 73 to 76 she studied with famed Navajo Shaman and artist David “Chetlehe” Paladin in Prescott Arizona.  His artistic techniques and spiritual teaching still touch her and influence her work today.
Her philosophical nature and motherhood sparked a need to write and for several years Trenna painted with words and developed a series of self-responsibility adventure stories for children.  Her return to her studies at the UCLA Design School in California in 1989 brought back to life the roots and the longing to return to her art.  It seemed to be very natural to apply architectural insights to creating a series of tropical fantasy island huts and a series of greeting cards.  Her work was soon appearing in Aloha Airlines, Artists of Hawaii, and hanging in the Collectors Galleries on Maui and Kauai.  Most recently the Palms Hotel and Casino, commissioned Trenna to produce southwestern pastels for their newly opened hotel in Las Vegas.   Her work hangs [...]

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