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Early in his career as an artist, Travis moved to Santa Fe,  New Mexico where he developed a love for landscape and devoted his time to painting while learning his technique. He had long been fascinated by Tonalism - a style of painting where complementary colors are layered to create subtle color modulations. Though time-consuming, Travis' technique created a luminous inner glow to his paintings reminiscent of the old masters. Travis' interest in all things past inspired a series of work that incorporated architectural elements. Gold leaf and other classical design motifs bestowed a sense of history to the artwork.  In 2002, he was hailed as one of the 21 top artists under 31 in the country by Southwest Art magazine. In 2006, the magazine wrote a follow-up article on Travis and his painting graced the cover for the 21 Artists To Collect Now issue.In 2003, using a technique that was pioneered by renowned artist and friend Susan Sales, Travis introduced a line of contemporary abstract paintings. The abstract works incorporate the subtle layering of bold luminous colors with a smooth glass-like finish.
Travis has studied Alla Prima portrait and still life painting with master painter David A. Leffel and has since added those genres to his growing repertoire.
Currently, Travis resides in Carmel Valley, California with his family.
Travis has exhibited, sold and displayed works and images at the following galleries and establishments:
Travis Hall Fine Art ~ Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA
Cypress Coast Gallery ~ Carmel, CA
Meyer Galleries ~ Santa Fe, NMMcLarry Fine Art ~ Santa Fe, NMGallery 225 ~ Santa Fe, NM
Contemporary Southwest Galley ~ Santa Fe NM
Reflections Gallery ~ Santa Fe NM
Howard Mandville Gallery ~ Kirkland, WASacred Dancing Gallery ~ Big Fork, MTNew Masters Gallery ~ Carmel, CAWinfield Gallery ~ Carmel, CAMailtland Art Center~  Maitland, FLSanta Fe Giclee~ Santa Fe, NMCap & Winn Devon Publishing Co. ~ Richmond, BC

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