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Travis Day
Born: February 5, 1980 in Fresno, CA
School: Graduated from Bowling Green State University in Spring of 2003 with
Bachelors of Fine Art Degree

Growing up in Fresno, California I loved visiting the mountains with my family. I always loved the magnificent views and vast landscapes that could be seen and photographed at Yosemite National Park. Not until I grew up and moved to Ohio and started pursuing my dream of becoming an artist did I realize how much this place meant to me. I attended Bowling Green State University and took several Painting classes, and all of my paintings were from images and memories of childhood trips to Yosemite. Knowing that our memories are imperfect and also subject to change, I wanted to record these memories as seen through my own eyes.

So, I moved back to Fresno so I could be close to Yosemite and capture the beauty that is always changing. As a painter, I wanted to create some of these beautiful landscapes, in my own fashion, using acrylic paint. Through the process of layering, along with skillfully placed brush strokes, an image evolves, closely mirroring my response to the scenery. As I moved back to California I also wanted to explore the beauty of the rest of the state, so my paintings are now moving away from solely Yosemite to the diverse California landscape. I have also started painting sports related images again as well. I am a huge sports fan, but I got away from sports related art during my college years.

I have recently started using a new paint called Genesis Artist Oils, it is a cross between acrylic and oil paint, but it does not dry until heated. This allows for a [...]

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