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The Transcendental Artist Society was created for artists to be and be free thinkers. That means giving up the world of programming and conditioning for the freedom from baseless thoughts. It is the birthplace of the unfolding on the blank canvas coming together with original thought. The means to point forward to a following qualifying or defining clause or phrase. Transcendental means transcending normal or physical human experience existing apart from and not subject to the limitations of the natural universe. Art means various branches of creative activity, such as paintings, music, literature, dance, and beyond. The society is designed around relationships for inquiring into the metaphysical arts of being human. The free thinker you might have not yet come to be or become.
Coming soon: This will be a group site. Join together with other artists on this site and share creative expression and freedom of making the original art that comes from within you and is channeled through you. Plans include interviews of each artist that will be published on Youtube, art parties and get togethers.

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