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I was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, and return as often as I can to spend time in the wilderness areas of Southern Africa, my favourite being the great thirst-lands of the western regions.
British Columbia, Canada, is where I call home now and where I work in my studio. The rainforest of this coastal region has opened up another world of wildlife experiences for me and my paintings reflect my ties with both lands.
I’m a self-taught artist and love the challenge of continually learning and developing my skills. Following a very indirect direct route to being a working artist, it’s gratifying to bring together my love of painting, wildlife, conservation and education.
My studio paintings begin in the field with a wildlife experience. I’m a keen naturalist and enjoy observing birds and animals in their natural habitat. Through sketching and photographing, the experiential information I collect is all a valuable reference for my paintings. Processing observations through sketching and notes reinforces my memory, helps me figure out what I understand and what I’d like to know more about.
Since childhood I have always needed and loved time on my own, especially to draw, be around animals and be in natural spaces. In this I found a freedom to explore my curiosity about the natural world and to recharge from a social world. This curiosity has served me well and continues to fuel my fascination with noticing little things that others may not see. Spending time in nature each day continues to bring me fully into the moment and is an antidote to the complexities of a modern life.
Following a few back-to-back significant life events, I realized that I needed to make my art a priority. It turns out that painting was the healing power I needed to work through difficult [...]

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