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Tracy painting with her son Ross
on the Kenai Penisula in the Chugach National Forestnear Moore Pass in southern Alaska.
Color fills Tracy Wright Avant's world.  Her use of the "Alla Prima" direct method of oil painting allows her to create on canvas stroke, hue-masterful floral still lifes, portrait, landscapes, and wildlife scenes.Avant lives her art, or perhaps more accurately, her art lives through her.  Every facet of this young woman's life is connected to her art.  Her world has always been filled with art.Avant captures her initial emotion of her subject. "I want to transfer my feelings onto my canvas," she says, "so that the end result will hopefully be embraced by the viewer.  Every painting I do I regard as a wonderful new challenge of seeing light, design, form, line and color correctly.  I'm truthful to what I paint.  My painting is the result of a process which affords me an ever-deepening immersion into my future works."Her son Ross is the subject of many of Avant's paintings.  "He's my inspiration," she says, "I constantly see in Ross new and fresh ideas for further creations.  His expressions and positions are inspirations for new paintings."Tracy Wright Avant's paintings have been exhibited in many one-woman and group juried shows across the United States and she has been the recipient of numerous awards for her paintings.  Her membership in artist's organizations have allowed her to paint with some of the finest artists in America.  She gives credit to these artists, as well as the masters whose work she continues to seek out in museums: Fechin, Sargent, and Sorolla.Avant's bold use of color, her innate sense of composition and masterful brushwork captures the essence of her world. She can take a vase of brilliant red roses, from her South Texas garden, and create a still life [...]

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