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So much of my history as an artist is spotty, however my existence as an artist has been continuous. From the age of 4 when I learned to write, the joy of mark-making awakened the artist. The urge to create has taken me in many interesting directions. Falling in love with the figure, lead me to study anatomy. The study of anatomy lead me to medical illustration. While at university to study medical illustration, I fell in love with sculpture. Wanting to sculpt lead to learning how to use tools which took me on a hairpin turn to carpentry.  One motivation to become a carpenter was to buy a barn and be able to turn it into a studio by myself and now that is what my near future holds. 

Widowed in 2009, with 6 children to care for, my various jobs and studies made it possible to keep my family together. From set design and construction for my children's schools to help pay tuition; doing mural paintings around town; odd carpentry jobs; playing mechanic to keep my car running and even some paid mechanic work on the side, it would seem that all my journeys to this point were necessary to get me to now. 

Currently living in Illinois, and having outgrown the studio I built  (as part of an addition to my home) in 2005, I will be relocating to Maine as soon as my house sells in the Spring.   Spending the last two  years renovating my home has been a break in my work as a full-time artist. This self-imposed break has been a real eye-opener as I look back on my work. I see where I was going in the right direction with smaller figure studies that are more detailed than larger, more rapidly done drawings. The desire is [...]

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