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Why would anyone take on the most humbling hobby (next to golf) Painting???   Right!!!! 
It all started for me when I fell in love with a watercolor by Judy Greenberg and bought it...my first original painting. It was fresh, loose and expressive. AND from nowhere, my thought was "I want to learn how to do this!"  What was I thinking??  Clearly I was young and naive.  This was 23 years ago. With no drawing or painting skills, no art history under my belt, wife, mom, and a full time Software Engineer, I took Judy's watercolor class. 
Long story short, I developed a Love/Hate relationship with watercolors; so exciting, but so darn challenging. What kept me trying was Judy saying "We all have a few HUNDRED crappy paintings to do, so get them out of the way now".   This definitely gave me the right expectation, so I continued to take classes and stuff some painting into my already busy life. 
Once I learned to just enjoy the process and let go of the result, it became my passion. 
And this passion has helped me through some very tough times.
I’m still finding my way through this exciting medium and love discovering. 


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