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Tony Segale was born in a small town in the San Joaquin County of California, Lodi, in 1956. His paternal ancestors immigrated to Calaveras County, while his maternal family immigrated into Kern County. As a result, he was exposed to Northern California’s Mother Lode, the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Pacific Coast, as well as the heart of the San Joaquin Valley via Highway 99, and Southern California’s Tehachapi Mountains, Mojave Desert and Los Angeles basin. This left a lasting impression and great fondness for the Golden State of California, still discovering her back roads and historic communities.

Always a constant doodler, Tony is grateful for a couple elementary school teachers instilling his early development of speed lettering, recalling the study of repetitive form necessary to complete the task of writing one hundred times I will not talk in class in a timely manner. However, one scholarly gentlemen who taught his sixth year invited him to watch his graceful penmanship, using a calligraphy pen, nib and ink bottle. Tony was in awe.

At the age of fourteen, Tony wanted to work, and took a job in a retail meat market. This employment lasted through his cartooning for the high school newspaper years, and he liked the idea of continuing work versus school, so he stayed on. Weekly he made new 6” x 8” counter signs, always paying attention to layout while challenging his speed, yet never giving a thought to an art career.

After a dozen years, a friend suggested his talents could be better utilized making signs. Simply to test the theory, Tony grabbed a few gallons of paint, rollers and brushes and braved the weather painting a few holiday windows. That first season out, someone approached him with compliments and asked if he would make him a sign for his business, the fire was [...]

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