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Pouncey has been drawing since he was three years old. His mother and father were both creative educators. His mother was a painter and a math teacher. She instructed Tony at a very young age and passed on her incredible art talents to him. His father taught photography and journalism, and was a Dean at The University of Tennessee.
Tony graduated from West High school in Knoxville and went on to study art at the University of Tennessee. He studied all forms of art including painting, illustration, sculpture, printmaking, and graphic design. He became the Art Editor for the school newsletter and earned several scholarships from student competitions and shows.
He moved to Atlanta and quickly found work in the very lucrative and active advertising community in the heart of the city. He found a position in packaging at Coca-Cola, and was fascinated by the world of package design. After two years at Coca-Cola, he was offered an Art Director position with Canada Dry/Sunkist Corporation which became Cadbury Schweppes. After three years, Cadbury consolidated to Connecticut and left Atlanta. Tony then formed Pouncey Design, serving food and beverage companies and package printers with digital packaging graphics, bringing all of these companies into the digital age and gaining national recognition. Big Eye Design LLC was formed shortly after and now produces high quality graphic design and advertising for corporate customers.  
Fine art and photography have always been Tony’s passions, and he has been painting and drawing throughout his life. Tony has always had a real connection to nature, and this is ever present in his artwork. He has been greatly influenced by contemporary artists that share this love of nature, the ocean, and the thrill of painting and drawing. Tony and his wife Karen now live in a northern suburb of Atlanta and [...]

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