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ďColors: bright and bold, complements and harmonies, people, faces, flowers and the land make up my world...and my passion is color... Iíve loved impressionism ever since I can remember...Itís hard to say which painter I admire most. There is something to love in all of their work: Monetís luminescence, Sargentís people, Winslow Homerís watercolors, Wm. Merritt Chaseís landscapes... I like figures in an environment, caught in the act of being themselves...outdoors and nature, the changing moods of seasons and weather, are all reasons to paint...Ē

ďFor every subject there is a challenge. It is to find the best way to make the subject an expression of my own vision of itís essence. I photograph constantly, but photoís are just a reference, they record everything. An artist has to be selective, she orchestrates the elements of art into personal visual statements...that is the challenge.Ē

ď I work in oils, pastels and watercolors, and I draw. Each media has itís own feel and some subjects call out to be rendered in one or the other media. Oil is strong and bold, itís nature is substantial and eternal. It takes patience and understanding to work in oil. Watercolor is also a challenge. I love its fluidity. When it is applied, accidents can happen. Thatís the excitement. Pastels are a wonderfully direct medium, they are like painting with your fingers or pencil, drawing and then building up the color layer upon layer. Sometimes, I just like to draw with a pencil or charcoal and see how much expression I can get out of lines and shading."

Antonia (Toni) Treverton was born in the [...]

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