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Toni Danchik | Fine Artist
Toni Danchik always has her eyes open and camera ready to capture special moments when they occur. It could be a certain lighting on a child at play, someone walking their dogs, the interaction between seagulls on the beach, some fruit lying on a counter top or simply a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Part of what attracts her is the “story” behind every image. 
Toni says she looks for good design, the interaction of shapes, colors, and the effects of light on a subject. She tries to stay true to her first feeling and heartfelt response to her subject and she is always mindful of how she applies paint to the canvas by using expressive brush stokes to keep her work rich and engaging. 
Being born and raised in South Africa has given her some insight into the plight of women and children living in the shanty towns and rural villages with their lack of clean running water and the absence of the most basic facilities. 
Contrasted against the bleakness of poverty, Toni finds that the beautiful textures and colors of their garments, their creativity in how they decorate their homes, their beautiful smiles and warm hearts are inspiring and draws her attention.
Toni's heart also goes out to children who become orphans due to the ongoing HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. She often uses her influence to bring awareness to the crisis and support organizations that are making an impact at a grassroots level.
Living along the coast of southern California has been another source of great inspiration for Toni. She loves painting subjects such as birds on the beach, sunsets, children building sand castles, dog walkers in the park, the beautiful land and seascapes. She enjoys spending time in her studio where she paints from her vast photo reference library that [...]

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