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  • FASO Artist Website: http://tbmcdonellart.com

  • Year Born: 1951

  • Tommy has a minor in art history and loves African and Haitian Art.

  • Tommy loves architecture and does paintings with buildings, ferris wheels, and birds.

  • Tommy uses many layers in her paintings, often more than 60 layers.

  • Price Range: $60.00 - $900.00


Welcome to my New Company and Logo
During the Pandemic of Covid 19 and the year 2020, I painted and painted and painted. And while it was true that my art 'improved' or my style grew, I also had a lot of time to put my work on products. I wanted more people to see my work, and I wanted them to be able to afford the many ways I believe there are to have or to be associated with art. I have collectors, although I call them friends, who own three or more of my paintings. I have those who collect abstract and collage, and those who just want flowers. I love it. 
But there are people who also buy my notecards, or a scarf, a purse, or their phone case, all designed with my art. While some may say this cheapens art, I don't agree. And while I am not Vincent Van Gogh, the Metropolitan Museum of Art sells many things designed from artists' work. 
And, no, I don't mind if you hang up a notecard. I have done it. And similarly to me, these individuals often go on to buy a small painting, or later, a painting that has won an award.
So in December of 2020, I formed Leap4artnc LLC. With angst and grinding my teeth I began work on Shopify, with help from Jamie Kemp of MyArtSpeak. My store finally opened on Facebook. And then, more than six months later, on Instagram. None of this is easy, I assure you. And now I am redesigning both. 
While this is what I consider to be a traditional website , you may also shop here. This will take you to my Shopify store. 
Donations --All  of my art whether  it is on paper, framed or not, prints, notecards, purses, flip flops, everything--allows me to help others. 
Whatever [...]

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