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Tomiko Watada Takeda Artist Statement
Capturing the spirit of people in their everyday lives is what I enjoy most!  
Moments that quickly pass by our eyes – often without second thought -  become ‘still-life’ moments.  Unless noted, we might not take in
the young boy concentrating on his piano notes, a woman in quiet meditation or a girl unconsciously playing with her hair.  
 My work is primarily as a ‘realist figurative’ painter.  This is where I can express 'life'!  
Through these captured people moments, I affirm our being.  
When I observe the viewer taking in these 'people moments’ with satisfaction and joy, then I know I made a connection.
This is what takes me back to the easel.  
In my current series, “Hands and Their People”, hands take a role in each painting. 
Whether their role is a major or minor part of the painting, hands help complete my story. 
My work continuously and conscientiously explores colors, visual patterns and light.
The final expression is whatever it takes to capture the ‘spirit’ of the story. 
Tomiko’s Art Biography
 “Art for Life”, the tag line often linked with Tomiko’s name, is about
what 'grounds' Tomiko and what moves her spiritually.   It is what brings her Joy!  It is through her art  that
Tomiko explores, reflects and connects with people and their lives. 
Tomiko’s  professional art journey began in 2007 at a local community college. 
Getting another degree was not her goal.  This time around, it was to strengthen her
foundation in art, design principles, art history; and, equally to explore
different mediums – acrylics, watercolor, pastels, pen & ink. 
Oil became Tomiko’s chosen vehicle.  Gratitude is given to her most influential teachers:
 Diane Rappisi, Kevin Weckbach and, Marsha Wooley.
Tomiko's Mission Statement:  To create from within that which brings me Joy! 

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