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I've been a woodworker for over 30 years.  After college, I caught the bug from a good friend who also does woodworking.  To this day, his skill level is something I aspire to.  I started with a bed that my wife and I (39 years and counting) still use to this day.  It is a simple platform bed, but still works even though I had to cut in half and reassemble in order to get it into our first apartment in Minneapolis.   
From that initial start I have continued to work in wood through the years.  I have made all kinds of furniture - mostly for our house, but occasionally for others as well.   After I retired a couple of years ago, I decided to leave the corporate world and  get more involved in woodworking.  I have learned several new techniques and now focus on functional woodworking pieces that have an artistic bent to them.  My goal is to explore woodworking in it's fullest by continuing to improve my techniques, expand the various mediums I use and ultimately make useful, beautiful "things".

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