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  • Price Range: $450.00 - $450.00
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Tom Schukar, a Fort Collins born native, is a wildlife and nature artist with a flair for experimentation and abstraction. He is a 30 year graphic arts professional turned fine artist.
Tom has painted in oil and watercolor but now prefers oil and cold wax as his primary medium.

Oil and cold wax has become quite popular in the last several years as a medium for abstract painting. Tom takes the medium into the world of representational wildlife and landscape painting. “The versatility, layering and mark making possibilities of oil and cold wax seem to be a match made in heaven for depicting the variety, complexity and detail of the natural world.”

Tom has spent a lifetime exploring Colorado and the Rocky Mountains via hiking, camping, hunting and fishing. “Living, working and playing in the Rocky Mountain west provides an unlimited source of painting ideas and subjects.” Tom has an intuitive approach to painting, often painting compositional masses and shapes first, then finding a subject within the paint and developing the final painting based on his personal knowledge and experiences.

Another interest is the creation of Gyotaku prints. Gyotaku is the Chinese ancient art of creating fish rubbings directly from the fish using ink and rice paper. As a long time fly fisherman I make Gyotaku prints from the trout species that I catch. (No native or wild fish are used for my prints.).

As an explorer at heart, I take occasional trips into other art styles and subjects just to see what’s over the next hill. You will rarely see me purposely use repeated compositions or subjects in my work. There is just to much to paint to be repetitive or implement self imposed limits on creativity.


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