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Whether painting still life or landscape, oil painter Tina Underwood’s vision is the same: a passion for natural realism, the play of light, the beauty of place and things.  Working from life in her studio, she strives for a strong composition featuring vessels, flowers and other objects, and uses fabrics to create a sense of movement.  Out in the field, she paints studies of the landscape to be used for larger works in the studio.  The flow of light is a key element, inspired by the Dutch master painters. “It’s so Dutch!” is a comment on her work that she has heard more than once.  Well, yes, it is!
Tina was born to Dutch immigrant parents, who established a family garden center and landscaping business in Roxbury, Connecticut.  Naturally, she was brought up with the Dutch culture: the cheese and the chocolate are favorites, and yes, she owns a pair of wooden shoes. Growing and selling flowers and plants was part of her daily life as a child, as she and her siblings were expected to help by working in the greenhouses and chrysanthemum fields, and waiting on customers at the sales center in front of the house. She gained a great deal of knowledge about plants, and a lifelong love of flowers began. The ubiquitous Dutch tulip is a favorite subject of hers, of course, but she buys them for studio use, having given up growing them as they are a favorite food for the deer in rural Connecticut.
The French language was part of her studies for many years, and she took the opportunity to spend a college semester in the south of France, under the auspices of Sarah Lawrence College, immersed in an art program of sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and French. She finished her formal education in the states, [...]

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