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There’s an old saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Sometimes it’s worth more. 
Hello, my name is Tina Shedid. A native of the Philippines now residing in the US. My mother was a concert pianist turned piano pedagogue, while my father was a general physician turned sports doctor. They had seven children and stayed married to one another for over 50 years until my father passed away in 2012. 
I’ve always been an artist. Initially, I was a singer. I was an introvert (in many ways, I still am) so I pretty much sang to myself. As a child, I had an imagination that I’d say was quite vivid. It wasn’t full of fantasy or far-fetched ideas. Rather, it was filled with what I call emotional wanderlust. I dreamed of setting out and going places, as far as I could reach. The fact that there was some turmoil at home made me want to leave all the more.  But imagine was all I could do. And since I hadn’t really seen much of the world outside of the city where I grew up and images of foreign lands I’d seen on TV, the reach of my ruminations was pretty limited. However, every square inch of anything I imagined was packed with emotion. And there, in that world, limits were few. I thought of how it would feel if I was in the castle tower with Rapunzel, or in the forest with Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. And how I’d respond when my prince would climb up my endlessly long tresses, or when the big bad wolf baked in the oven after I’d pushed him in it. Or how I’d pant for breath having run for my life when Granny was not who she said she was. [...]

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