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I like to think about...the common thread that links all of humanity, innate symbols, how we perceive, the effects of past on the present and the future, the relationship between the subatomic and the cosmic, puzzles and the way many small things create a larger whole, wabi-sabi, automatism, the interconnectedness of all nature, balance, and time just to name a few.
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1991 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and an emphasis on sculpture.  In 1994 I became obsessed with making handmade tile after I created my own kitchen backsplash.  I have recently begun to see my work less as tile to be installed and more as art.  Thinking in this way has opened up a new sense of freedom and creativity.   I love to go into my studio and feel as though I have no rules.  I am letting go, experimenting, exploring, and enjoying being the moment.   Indulging in my creativity gives me passion for life.  
My studio in Alma, Wisconsin.  A lovely and somewhat remote place near the Mississippi River. 

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