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Tim Pfeiffer is a representational landscape artist, who works exclusively in oils. Tim has the honor of having his work included in several corporate art collections, as well as many homes world wide. 
Tim Pfeiffer is an artist whose serene landscapes conjure worlds concocted from the mesh of his intense love of nature and his refusal to merely duplicate what his eyes register. Though a keen observer of his surroundings, his romantic landscapes retain an otherworldly feel. His images simulate the experience of trekking through unfamiliar terrain, where seemingly mundane, stolid elements of nature incite wonderment.
Inspired by the Hudson River School, a mid-19th century art movement, Tim is a contemporary master of atmospheric perspective. This technique, which creates an illusion of depth, is a key element of his complex, multilayered compositions.
There is much to notice in Tim’s paintings, making the discovery process a key pleasure of his art. Though some may recognize aspects of nature or landscape painting per se in these pictures, Tim’s work is not easily located in the familiar world. The source of his paintings can be found more easily, if at all, in the landscapes of his mind.


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