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  • FASO Artist Website: http://SacredStag.com

  • Year Born: 1960

  • Signature Member - Society of Animal Artists and winner of Award of Excellence (2014)

  • Winner of 2018 Marilyn Newmark Grant from National Sculpture Society

  • Master mold maker and foundry man with over 40 years experience as an artisan in all areas of art foundry.

  • Price Range: $1,300.00 - $7,800.00

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The Artist Says:

"Great art isn't about 'what it's about'. The subject matter is a just the surface of a very deep pool."Pete Townsend- "One must be willing to make a complete and utter fool of oneself in order to make any worthwhile art.""Be decisive.""Making enduring art isn't that important. It's just that everything else is so unimportant.""When losing direction, concept, or vision while sculpting; my fall back position is just trying to make it beautiful."


Signature member in Society of Animal Artists, Elected Member of The National Sculpture Society. Awards include: Winner of The 2018 Marilyn Newmark Grant from National Sculpture Society, Award of Excellence from the Society of Animal Artists, Best of Show Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk, Best of Show Sculpture in the Hills, Best Sculpture Western Spirit Art Show. Published in: Colorado Springs Gazette, Southwest Art Magazine, Loveland Reporter Herald, Rapid City Journal, Colorado Springs Gazette.
My sculptures are a synthesis between my love of nature and my respect of the great artists who have come before. As an avid hiker, hunter, and I have never lost my sense of wonder about the beauty of a leaping deer, the power of bull elk fighting, or the grace of antelope running. I consider myself to be a student of both the process of creation and art history.  I have never lost my sense of wonder at great art to communicate to me and move me to greater levels of awareness. Whether it be individual artists like Brancusi, Manship, Marini, Moore, Van Gogh, or the art of antiquity like Scythian, Celtic, Oriental, Egyptian, African; I am always amazed at the number of ways our species has come up with to see, interpret and convey their views of life and the nature of it. I find these voices resonate with me and my sense of wonderment of my world; both my inner world and the universe with out. I seek out and embrace these influences, and consciously draw on them for the base substances of my sculpting. As a sculptor friend once said to me, "Those who claim their art is truly original simply can not remember where they saw the source of their inspiration." I hope only to credit my sources properly and remain open to their wisdom.If I was pressed to explain my current work in one word, I would say it is about "transition". The concept [...]

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