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An artist from an early age, Tim remembers receiving the "Jon Gnagy" art set when he was just a little guy.  He thought the art gum was a special chewing gum for artists, until he tasted it.  In fifth grade, Tim earned nickles and dimes selling drawings of civil war battles and his favorite, the Alamo.   In high school, Tim drew the cartoons for the yearbook as well as a wall-sized mural of the school's mascot. 
As so often happens, life interrupted Tim's serious focus on his art as he joined the Navy at the end of Vietnam.  He ended up at the Defense Language Institute where he learned to speak a foreign language (and met his lovely wife).  During his years in the Navy, Tim continued to sketch cartoons mostly related to his work.  After the Navy, and college, Tim started working for the U.S. Government and became known for his humorous cartoons interspersed in his briefings.
Leaving the government to go to law school, Tim completely gave up on his sketches and focused on his legal career.  In 2000, Tim and his wife moved to Japan, where Tim took up painting in oils for the first time.  During his time in Japan and later in Europe, Tim, along with adding writing and acting to his creative endeavors, studied the methods of the Dutch Masters.  His development as an artist has resulted in paintings hanging in private collections in Australia, Japan, Europe and the United States.   
Tim's focus at this time is in using renaissance techniques in bringing his paintings to life.  Tim paints in several categories, including Military themed (historical and modern day), a series of Lighthouses, and various landscape scenes.  The military themed paintings being developed will be sold as limited edition signed/numbered prints, as will the Lighthouse paintings.  The landscape paintings (in oil and [...]

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