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                                       Tim J Morse, b. 1955                                       
Tim J Morse's trail begins at his birthplace in Eastern Wyoming, leads south to the Texas Panhandle country, takes a left turn to the wind-blown plains of Oklahoma and eventually heads west to the high-deserts of Utah and Arizona. Along the way he has been compelled to interpret the western landscape on paper and canvas, with pencil and brush.
In his early adulthood, Tim worked as a construction laborer, carpenter, stone mason, and tavern musician.  He studied art history, graphic design and painting at The University of Central Oklahoma where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was chosen Artist of the Year 1991. From there he headed west with everything he owned in the back of a small pickup: some clothes, a couple guitars and his painting gear.
Family roots drew Tim to Moab, Utah where he found construction work to make ends meet as he settled in to make, buy, sell, trade, teach and live art. He infiltrated the local music scene, played with one of Moab's favorite bands, The Desert Dance Kings and did solo and duet gigs entertaining tourists on Colorado River trips. He has also worked as an extra in the film industry.
With time and lots of practical experience, Tim became handy with both watercolors and oils. Sales of his studio and plein-air work enabled him to become a full-time artist. He is still based out of Moab where he lives with his wife, Ata, and spends as much time as possible roaming the deserts of Utah, Arizona and California.

Tim painting at Arches National Park                  A young Tim with an old guitar

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