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Tim Ferraro grew up in Chicago Illinois and resides in Fall City, Washington.  He was educated at Loyola University of Chicago in Medical Illustration and Design.  After Graduation, he worked as a freelance illustrator at University of Chicago & Michael Reese Hospital.  His work has been  published in the Journal of American Medicine (JAMA), New England Journal of Medicine and numerous other science and medical periodicals.  Tim also holds two master's degrees in Banking and Finance.  Early in his career Tim shifted his focus from commercial art and pursed a career in fine art.  Tim was classically trained at the American Academy of Art and the Palette and Chisel Club in Chicago.  He has studied with internationally acclaimed artists such as; Ned Mueller, Jeffery Watts and Jack Hines.
Tim's paintings and subject matter stem from his interest in the "Orientalist Movement" depicting the people and cultures of North Africa, India and Central Asia in the early 1900's.  "The juxtaposition and color where East meets West is beautifully expressed in the dress, rituals and religious beliefs of the Hindus, Muslim, Christian and Buddhists regions of the World." says - Ferraro.
Tim's paintings have been exhibited in universities and fine art gallery's in North America.  His work is featured in private, public and corporate collections. 

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