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Born and raised in the warm climate of Southern California, Tim spent his youth skateboarding, fishing, playing baseball, and surfing. When his dad took a job with Boeing, his family moved to the cold and rainy, Pacific Northwest, Tim suddenly found himself spending more and more time indoors. Instead of chasing after waves, he started drawing them. During this time, he began taking oil painting lessons from a family friend in his neighborhood. An eventual move back to Southern California in his teen years was instrumental in furthering his passions for surfing, as well as his art. Taking every high school art class he could, Tim discovered a real talent that he’d further develop at the Art Institutes. After graduating with a degree in visual communications, Tim embarked on a successful career in advertising as a graphic designer. He also traveled the world, searching for perfect uncrowded waves, and gathering memories which serve as inspiration for his art. Nowadays, Tim is busy being “dad”, working as a creative director, surfing, traveling, and painting as much as possible. 

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