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Live on the edge... it has the best views


Collectors Say:

"Tiffany is a creative, talented artist.  She is multidimensional in her skills and abilities:  she works well in multiple mediums such as photography, watercolor, and acrylic painting, and she is skilled in marketing.  Tiffany has painted a picture of my coastal home for me that I love.  I also hired her to come to my home, wander the area, and create a photographic essay/book of the coastal area near my home.  Her work is beautiful.  She views the world from a wonderful perspective and captures that in her pictures.  I am very pleased with the pieces she has created for me.  Additionally, Tiffany is pleasant, fun, personable, reliable - great to be around."   --  LC, Harkers Island, NC

"For many years I have been intrigued and fascinated by Tiffany's creativity.  Through her camera lens, she is able to visualize what most people would consider commonplace scenes, into extraordinary, magical images that give new life to a rusting tractor, a pair of old jeans carelessly tossed on an old iron bed frame, or colored bottles playing with sunlight on a window ledge.  
Her unique style of photography is very collectible, in my opinion.  I use it in my house to enhance an atmosphere I am trying to create in a room.  Her colors range from bold and bright to subtle and subdued.  I can always find one that perfectly complements my needs.  I always looks forward to seeing her new images.
Several years ago I traveled to Amsterdam.  I spent several days walking around the city, capturing images that I hoped would remind me of this special trip.  One evening I snapped a photo of the illuminated Coin Tower.  I commissioned Tiffany to turn my photo in to a painting.  It is simply fantastic and today it hangs in a very prominent location in my house.  It is a special honor for me to recommend Tiffany's creative work.  I think she is uniquely talented."  -- GEB, Columbus, Ohio 
"Without reservation, I would highly recommend Tiffany Pacileo to anyone seeking an excellent and creative award-winning fine arts photographer.  What sets Tiffany apart from other photographers is the fact that not only is she highly skilled, but she is also highly talented in her craft.  She possesses a keen eye for color, texture, and composition of her art.  She has a rare vision that allows her to see and capture beauty in even the most ordinary subjects, and the discernment to capture the unique tone and emotion of special events.  With her camera, she is able to convert photography into works of art that capture the interest and imagination of the viewer."  --  
TM, Scottsdale, AZ


Cutting and pasting has been in Tiffany's makeup since childhood, first with paper dolls then migrating to creating recipe books and other practical journals.  Over the years, her style has developed into a world of collage fantasy made up of interesting paper prints and junk findings.  Each piece is a combination of artful arranging with a focus on color and imagination.  Most of these pieces are sold as limited edition prints.  
She also finds amusement in creating fantasy watercolor paintings and painting commissioned house portraits.  Both the watercolor paintings and house portraits are original paintings on paper and canvas...no prints will be made.  Review the House Portraits portfolio and see if this is something for you!  
Tiffany grew up in Oxford, Ohio (home of Miami University) and has also resided in Connecticut, North Carolina and Arizona.  Her exhibits and studies have primarily been in Connecticut and Arizona. Her client list extends U.S. wide. 
Contact info:  [email protected]

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