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An intriguing combination of textures, predominantly warm colors and a variety of materials playfully dance during the development of each piece of art. These materials are separated from their intended purpose then converted to become an integral part of each painting.
Thyra traces her current creative style back to a serendipitous event that led her to reinvent her process and her art. That event was a rambunctious rescue dog named Xena. As Thyra explained, “With a grabby and destructive attitude, Xena ruined many items of clothing, bedding, toys, you name it. In trying to find the positive in Xena’s ruinous nature, the destroyed items were resurrected to became integral parts of new creations.”
Thyra connected with how this transition from adversity to optimism represents cycles in life. Her destructive rescue dog had been thrown away. In this case, with a bit of effort, Xena was renewed to a wonderful family member. She described, “Throughout life, everyone experiences hardships of some kind. It is how these hardships are handled, reframed, repositioned, and repurposed that determines the next chapters in life.”

It wasn't always all about abstracts. There was a time that Ms. Moore was, at that crossroads in her life. She had a Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA) from the renowned Tyler School of Art in Pennsylvania. She had created and grown a successful advertising agency. She loved developing strategies and promotions that really made a difference to her clients. Eventually, in spite of the successes and awards, Thyra needed to be somewhere else.
“Many people with similar yearnings and circumstances might get a convertible and take off for parts unknown,” said Thyra Moore. “I wanted – no, I needed to paint.
As a result, she went back to her roots and began painting with gouache. A move to Maryland with its boats, birds and water [...]

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