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My interests in fine art and in architecture grew simultaneously throughout my life. Eventually, I have come to see that they are one and the same. But as much or more than any real world structure, the images of architecture - the stories it has to tell - are what truly fascinate me.  What buildings and the cityscapes of the world have to tell us about who we are as people; how we view our lives: past, present and future, our relationship to our natural environment and other creatures,  as well as to our fellow humans, make endlessly compelling narratives.  These are the stories I try to tell in my paintings.


"In many ways, why we paint is more important than what or how we paint.  What we create is more than just something we do, it expresses who we are.  My work is a study in contrasts: light and dark, vertical and horizontal, warm and cool, the real and the imagined, and elements of the past, present, and future. I design with conflicting elements - allowing them to find balance and resolution on the surface of the paper in unexpected and expressive ways. I try never to paint just what I look at, but rather how I interpret my responses to the world I see around me and within.  The results are reflections of  my attempt at becoming more fully present in the creative process. And I invite you to take part in this process - not to listen to any potential narrative of mine, but to help you to find and develop the artistic voice that is yours alone.   Thank you all for spending some time with me. Tom"

Thomas Wells Schaller  2022




Thomas W. Schaller is an award-winning artist, architect, and author. As a renowned architectural artist, he received a Graham Foundation Grant and is a two-time recipient of the Hugh Ferriss Memorial Prize. He has authored three books; the best-selling, and AIA award winner, Architecture in Watercolor (VNR – McGraw Hill) The Art of Architectural Drawing (J.Wiley and Sons), and  Thomas W. Schaller, Architect of Light : Watercolor Paintings by a Master - a retrospective of his recent artwork released by North Light Books / F+W Media and now Penguin / Random House, NYC  in 2018. He is in demand worldwide as a speaker, exhibitor, author, instructor, and juror. Artist Network Television has produced two best-selling series of instructional Videos and DVDs of his technique. Creative Catalyst / Streamline Video published a full length video of his process in 2020. [...]

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